Australia and Philippines Basketball Got in a Pretty Sweet Fight

Andray Blatche plays for the Philippines and Thon Maker plays for Australia. I don’t get it.

Anyways, these two teams got in an awesome street fight during a FIBA World Cup Qualifier. A couple of Australians were ejected, and the Philippines had NINE players ejected. The game continued and the Philippines had only three players left to play with.

Australia already had the game won pretty easily, so of course they were able to hold on against three players.

Fighting is good for basketball. Honestly, it’s good for any sport. It’s so entertaining to watch and it gives everyone something to laugh about. One of my least favorite things in the world is when a “purist” in their sport talks talking about how “disgusting” the acts of violence were. Well what’d you expect? These are competitors. They compete. Sometimes, competitors get mad when they’re losing. Sometimes they get mad if they feel like they were cheapshotted. People retaliate. Violence solves everything. Stop being a pussy.

If the NBA can figure out a way to incorporate fights into their style of basketball, they may be able to get back some of the fans that they’ve lost over the recent years to the NHL. Adam Silver, I’m interested in sitting down and talking about some other ideas I have for your league to make it even better. I’m only one call away, so let’s get this meeting set up.


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