Paul George Decides to Stay in OKC

Russell Westbrook’s strategy of getting Paul George drunk so he’ll make an impulse decision has worked, and George has decided to re-sign with the Thunder.

George believes playing with Russell Westbrook gives him the best chance to win, but realistically there’s a 0% chance that this team gets past the Warriors, or even the Rockets.

This is the first big name free agent off the board, so what’s that mean now?

The entire NBA is focused on Lebron apparently heading to LA, as long as the Lakers can get the right pieces around him. Now that PG is staying in OKC, LA is more likely to give up more to San Antonio to receive Kawhi Leonard. Another possibility is that the Lakers can use the money they were going to give Paul George to Demarcus Cousins, who is coming off a serious Achilles injury.

A lineup of Bron, Boogie, and Kawhi is interesting, and I believe that lineup will workout better for LA.

We’ve got a long ways to go in this free agency period, and it should be an entertaining off-season.


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