Will Michael Lorenzen Eventually Become an Every Day Player?

Michael Lorenzen has been hot at the plate this season. Listen to this outstanding stat.

Lorenzen is hitting .667 this season (only has like 6 at-bats, but still), and he has 3 home runs to go with 6 rbi’s. Lorenzen hit a pinch hit grand-slam in today’s game against the Brewers, and now it’s time to start asking if it’s unrealistic to see Lorenzen get some time in the outfield.

I’m not opposed to throwing Lorenzen out there in centerfield. You’re already getting a more reliable bat at the plate than Billy Hamilton. Plus, Lorenzen has been vocally for quite some time about his desire to be an every day player.

Oh, and let’s do it for the publicity, too. I’m sure we’d get a lot of national coverage over this. The world would forget about Shohei Ohtani, and would instead love our very own Michael Lorenzen. Plus, that call to centerfield for some relief pitching would be pretty cool to see.

C’mon, Riggleman. Pull the trigger and give us what we want to see.


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