Stephen A Smith Reports that Lebron Texted KD about Teaming Up in LA

Another blog about Lebron and the Lakers. Get over it. It’s the biggest thing happening in sports.

Now, I believe there’s absolutely 0% chance that this happens. But if it was to say happen, then here’s what I see happening.

  • Paul George returns to the Thunder
  • Lakers maybe still pull off a Kawhi trade
  • The Lakers win the title for the next 3-4 years

Pairing the #1 and #2 in the world is just straight up unfair. Plus, it helps that their game matches each other perfectly. Lebron can drive and attack the rim. When the help collapses on Lebron, he kicks it out to KD and he splashes it in your face. Impossible combination to stop.

But like I said, I just don’t see it happening. But then again, no one thought KD would go to Golden State.

NBA Off-Season > NBA Regular Season



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