Mets Aren’t Opposed to Trading DeGrom and Syndergaard

“Matt Kelly, a disappointing season in Queens, the Mets figured to be among the most active clubs at the Trade Deadline — with or without general manager Sandy Alderson. But when assistant GM John Ricco spoke with reporters on Wednesday for the first time in his new leadership role, that assumption was made even clearer.
In fact, Ricco suggested that even Mets star pitchers Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard might be available for the right offer.
“I know Sandy was on the record with one point of view,” said Ricco. “We’ll get together and discuss it. Those are two huge pieces for us. And we’ll have to consider … for me, everything has to be on the table, but you’ve got to look long and hard before you move game-changing, top-of-the-rotation pitchers like that.”
Ricco is leading the Mets’ baseball operations alongside Omar Minaya and J.P. Riccardi as Alderson takes an indefinite leave of absence due to a recurrence of cancer. He has been in close step with Alderson for a number of years now, while Minaya and Riccardi have accrued plenty of Deadline experience as former GMs themselves. Alderson hinted this past spring that Ricco was ready to assume New York’s GM spot should his health deteriorate, and Ricco previously served as the Mets’ point of contact during Alderson’s first battle with cancer from 2015-16.”

After an 11-1 start, the Mets currently have a 32-46 record which is good enough to be 2nd to last in the NL East. To make things worse for them, the Marlins currently have the same amount of wins. The Mets’ season has been destroyed due to injuries, being old, and just not having that much talent. Jacob DeGrom has been lights out this season, but the Mets are so bad that they struggle to win even when he’s at his best. Syndergaard was having a good year as well, but he hasn’t appeared in a month due to injury. What should the Mets do with their two aces? Get rid of DeGrom and keep Thor.

DeGrom is 30 years old now. He’s making $7.4million this year, and has two years left of team control through arbitration. Those two years of control are very valuable to a contender, since DeGrom wouldn’t just be a rental. If I’m the Mets, I’m sending DeGrom to a contender in return for their entire minor league organization. Well, at least the top prospects in the organization. The Mets’ best days are behind them, even though they were hardly here, and it’s time to start rebuilding for the future.

I’m keeping Thor, mainly because he’s only 25, but also because he has three years of team control left and he won’t be too expensive for what you’re getting. You can’t gut the team entirely and get rid of both superstars, because then your fans lose complete interest in the organization. The DeGrom trade should be able to bring in young prospects who can swing the bat, and will be able to do so at the major league level in two-three seasons. By then, you have a lineup full of young guys, some serviceable veterans, and a 28-year-old Thor. Sign Thor to a 4 or 5-year deal, and look to compete then.

I know that it sounds all so easy to do, but it isn’t. Plus it’s the Mets, so you can count on them to mess this entire situation up somehow.


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