Lakers would “Likely Clinch a Free Agent Commitment” from Lebron if they traded for Kawhi

Ohhhhh, so what you’re saying is the best player in the world would probably sign with one of the best franchises in league history if they were able to trade for another Top 5 player in the world? Wowwwwwwwww, that is groundbreaking information.

Last night, it came out that Lebron’s camp is apparently pushing for the Lakers to trade for Kawhi. This just sounds like that Lebron knows it would still be impossible to take down the Warriors if it was just him and Paul George (this morning, Paul George decided to become an unrestricted free agent, making it almost certain that he’s going to the Lakers), and they need more help. Kawhi has been vocal for awhile about his desire to go to LA. Even if the Lakers aren’t able to pull of an off-season deal for Kawhi, I believe they still could when the season starts. Ultimately, I believe Lebron is LA bound with or without Kawhi. This is going to be a fun off-season, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. It’s looking like almost everyone is going to have a new favorite team.


It’d be MAGICal if the Lakers are able to pull this off with all the cap space those three would command. I’m not sure who all or would all they’d have to get rid of, but I hope that they can make it work just for entertainment purposes.




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