Canadian Man with 149 Kids Sentenced to House Arrest

“People-Two former leaders of a fundamentalist religious sect in Canada were sentenced this week to house arrest and probation following their nearly unprecedented convictions on polygamy charges, according to multiple news outlets.
Between them, the men had 29 wives and more than 160 children, France’s AFP reports.
Winston Blackmore and James Oler were each found guilty in British Columbia last July of one count of polygamy, according to the Associated Press. Blackmore has 149 kids, the Canadian Press reports.
On Tuesday Blackmore, 61, was sentenced to a six-month conditional sentence served under house arrest and then a year of probation, the Canadian Press reports. Oler, 53, was ordered to serve a three-months conditional sentence, also under house arrest, followed by a year-long probation.
Blackmore was further sentenced to 150 hours of community service and Oler was sentenced to 75 hours.
They had each faced up to five years in prison.
Prosecutors were not immediately able to comment to PEOPLE on Wednesday. Information for attorneys for both men was also unavailable.
The court reportedly found that Blackmore had 24 wives and Oler had five wives.
They had served as bishops in a branch of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the isolated community of Bountiful, in southeastern British Columbia. FLDS is a U.S.-based splinter group of the Mormon church that endorses plural marriage.”

Winston. Blackmore. A living legend. Apparently this guy is pretty important to the world, because when I googled him a Wikipedia page came up. Anyways, this guy avoided five years of prison time and instead serving six months of house arrest. For Winston Blackmore’s sake, I really hope that he doesn’t have all 24 wives and 149 children living with him, because that sounds like a personal hell. Having to be around that many people 24/7 would be absolutely miserable, and it sounds like it’s damn near impossible to have any alone time. I think I’d much rather have my own prison cell for five years than have to deal with my wife and kids 24/7.

And how much bullshit is it that polygamy is illegal? A lot of bullshit. Back in my day a man could marry as many women as he wanted to, and no one gave a damn. It was a competition to see who could marry the most women. We even had a scale to that combined the quality of the wife + the quantities of your wives to figure out who the best overall hunk was. Unfortunately, ESPN Recruiting ripped us off and created the SPARQ rating using a similar equation, but that’s besides the point.

If polygamy is apart of someone’s religion then let them partake. Unless there’s some horrible stuff that I don’t know about. But then that just means I’m misinformed on the whole thing. Can you really fault someone for being misinformed on the internet?

Free Winston Blackmore. And James Oler, too. He’s a legend, but he’s not on the same level as Winston.


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