Top 5 things to do during basketball/football offseason

The dogs days of summer, other wise known as sports season hell. NBA free agency, recruiting, athletes making controversial statement-tweets, and maybe some occasional baseball and tennis can wet the beak a little, but it’s still not the same. Here are my top 5 remedies to make the offseason a little more tolerable.

5. Concert SZN

With summer time comes outdoor concert SZN. Just last week I attended a Willie Nelson concert at Riverbend in Cincinnati. Awesome place. You just can’t beat sipping a beer in the summer sun listening to some good music whatever that may be to you.

4. Becoming more informed on hot button topics

If you are like me, during football season you don’t really know what the hell is going on in the world if you don’t hear it on NFL live or college football live. During the summer I notice myself paying attention to others thing such as……. sales at Kroger maybe? Actually I take that back I’m still the uninformed wit I was during basketball and football season.


Binge watch a show you have seen 30 times while eating and drinking your weight in pizza rolls and bud light. Nothing beats an evening of a nice family guy marathon. Catch up on those shows your coworkers have been talking about that you never got around to watching.

2. Get off your couch

As awful as this may sound, it can be refreshing from time to time. Get that bike out of the storage unit that has spider webs on it. Hit up your local pond/ lake and wet a line. Walk to your nearest bar and order a 420 style brew like the true hipster you are.

1. Read Loudmouth Sports

This one is obvious. Whatever you decide to do with your time, you can always count on the Loudmouth guys bringing you the most entertaining and informative content.


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