The Rivers Family was Split Apart so these Two Superstars Could Reunite

Last night, another trade was made in the NBA when the LA Clippers sent the coaches son to the Washington Wizards for John Wall’s dear friend Marcin Gortat. Many people are saying that Doc is the one that traded for his son, but that’s not the case. The Clippers relieved Doc of his President of Basketball Operations and made him just the Head Coach, so I doubt he had much of a say in the trade.

The trade basically insinuates that DeAndre Jordan is leaving the Clippers, so they needed someone to fill the void at the Center position. And the Wizards were probably more than happy to ship off Gortat after the feuds between him and their star player, John Wall. Both players have their contract expiring after this season and are both slated to make around $13million.

After the trade, the Wizards are left with a void at the center position. The Wizards first round pick, Troy Brown Jr, wore #0 while he was at Oregon. However, it appears that he’s wearing #6 for the Wizards. Man…if only there was a big man that was a free agent that wore #0…..

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