The Braves Organist Played “New York, New York” Last Night Thinking it Would get in Harvey’s Head


The ole classic case of getting in your opponent’s head. A tale as old as time. Well guess what Atlanta, it didn’t work.

Harvey came out and had his second consecutive strong start, and picked up his third win of the season. Harvey has improved drastically since being traded to us by the Mets, and hopefully The Dark Knight will continue his improvement and be apart of the organization for years to come. I doubt he’ll return to his dominant ways of the past due to the injuries he’s had, but I could see him being a guy that can churn out quality start after quality start for us. I could also see us shipping him out in a trade, since his stock is on the rise after his improved play and he’s an unrestricted free agent next year.

Last night’s win by the Reds makes them 11-3 in their last 14 games, and they’re looking to take the series tonight with a win over the Braves. It would be their third straight series won.

After an extremely rough start (we aren’t gonna talk about the bad times around here), the Reds are now only 13 games below .500, and also 13.5 games back of being the leaders of the NL Central. Realistically, they have 0% chance to win the division. They’re 9.5 games back from a Wild Card spot, so that’s not too realistic either. What is realistic though is maybe getting into the mid-high 70’s win range, would be a drastic improvement from the past few years. This rebuild has been long and hard, but a strong second half of this season could have us looking to compete for a Wild Card spot next year.

But then again, we could just say fuck next year and win the whole damn thing this year. It’s mathematically possible still, just saying.


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