Who Is the Next MVP Winner from OKC?

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a solid team led by their Big 3 of Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. The franchise had a tremendous amount of success while they were led by these three MVP’s, and they even made it to the NBA Finals one season. Kevin Durant won the MVP in 2014 when he was in OKC, and Russell Westbrook won the MVP in his first season alone with OKC in 2017. Last night, James Harden won the MVP Award, and it got me thinking. Who else from this team has a chance to win the award?

Reggie Jackson-PG Detroit Pistons
San Antonio Spurs v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Three

Reggie was traded to Detroit at the 2015 trade deadline. He’s battled injuries recently, but he should have a solid season when he comes back for 2018-19. The Pistons are my favorite to win the Eastern Conference, due to the fact that they are my favorite team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins an MVP and joins his former Thunder teammates in the MVP Club.

Serge Ibaka-PF Toronto Raptors
Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets - Game Three

Ibaka averaged 12 points a game last season as Toronto’s starting Power Forward. Thanks to a new system under their new coach, I believe Ibaka has the potential to not only win the MVP, but to become the greatest player of all-time from Congo that also played for Spain’s Olympic Team.

Nick Collison-PF Retired

Nick Collison decided to retire after 13 seasons in the NBA. He spent his entire career with the SuperSonics/Thunder organization. Collison averaged 5.9 PPG, which might not sound that great but I have some analytics for you. Any season that Seattle/OKC had a winning record, Collison averaged anywhere between 1.7 PPG and 5.9 PPG. The four years that SEA/OKC failed to have a winning record, Collison averaged between 7.5 PPG and 9.8 PPG. It looks like Nick knew his role better than anyone on the team, and realized that by scoring too much he was causing his team to lose, but if he didn’t score at least 1.7 PPG then his team would lose. If the Thunder don’t have a winning season next year with Nick scoring below 0.0 PPG, then the NBA should go ahead and give the MVP Award to Collison, proving that he was the most valuable player to his team and their success in the league.

Who do you think has a chance to win the MVP from the old Thunder team? Thabo Sefolosha? Hasheem Thabeet? Daniel Orton? Or maybe Derek Fisher? Let me know who your pick is!


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