The NBA Awards Show was Absolutely Miserable

If you were like me and you watched the NBA Awards last night, then you probably fell asleep an hour into the show or just changed the channel completely. I thought the show was pointless to have after the playoffs, especially if the playoffs can’t sway voting at all. If you’re going to have a show like this, then have it right before the playoffs begin so they’re a little bit more relevant. For example, in the regular season one would be able to argue that James Harden was more valuable to his team than Lebron was. But after Lebron carried his team to the finals and Harden choked without CP3, could you really still cast your vote for the guy? The only entertaining part in the entire show was Bill Russell flipping Charles Barkley the bird.

bill russell

Thank you, Bill, for doing what we’ve all wanted to do for a long time. Just straight up tell Charles Barkley to go fuck himself, jokingly or not. However, this isn’t the first time that Bill has been caught throwing up that middle finger.


I’m not sure if Bill Russell knows that you can’t really do this all the time. But who knows? Maybe it’s just his way of saying hello. Things were a lot different back in the old days.

Back to the point. The NBA Awards show was awful. Fix it. Make it right before the playoffs, or don’t vote until after the playoffs. It’s that simple.



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