Rhys Hoskins Gets Into It with a Fan; “You Go Hit”


The classic case of a fan heckling a player and getting the best of him. Striking out is one of the worst things you could do in sports in my opinion. To me, it suggests that you are completely incompetent and unable to do your job even the slightest bit by at least putting it in play. I know people strikeout all the time, but some people handle it better than others. It was Hoskins’ second strikeout of the game, so maybe the comment just put him over the edge.

And then he gives the classic “well you go do it!” which I believe is the right thing to always do. Fans love to always talk shit, and then once they realize that they’re a fan and not a player for the reason, they seem to go on hushmode since they realize how ridiculous they look. Now if Hoskins ever said this to me, I would undoubtedly get out there and at least put the ball in play, because that’s what I do. I put the ball in play always, and usually get on thanks to my heart, hustle, and dedication. Just ask all my friends in my wiffleball league about me.

Hoskins apologized after the game, which is always the wrong move. Of course he didn’t really mean that he was sorry. He absolutely meant what he said when he got into it with that fan. Him apologizing was just because the organization told him to, or he did it so people wouldn’t think he was an asshole.

Next time Rhys, don’t apologize. Just get up there and go full Ron Artest and their ass. It’ll be good for the popularity of baseball.


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