Parents are Upset that a Daycare Might be Putting Children in “The Dark Room”

“Fox4KC-BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Some parents at one metro preschool are outraged. They’ve filed a complaint with Missouri Child Protective Services after they say their kids were put in a closet as punishment.
FOX4’s Sean McDowell spoke to one parent who said her child was wronged.
One parent FOX4 News spoke with said her five-year-old son isn’t the only one. She said as many as 20 parents have complained to daycare leaders at Timothy Lutheran Church about ‘the dark room.'”

Well, this story is off to a very scary start. A dark closet in a church is never good news, but then I realized that these are Christians we’re dealing with, and not the Catholics. Not a shot at the Catholics, but we are all aware that the Catholic Church has had their fair share of sexual abuse cases, which is never good.

“We are calling this parent ‘Mary,’ since she asked us to conceal her identity. Mary said her son was punished by being sent to this small storage area for an extended period of time, where he was kept without ventilation or daylight.
‘I don’t know who knew and how long it was going on,’ Mary explained.”

Concealing her identity is hilarious. I think “Mary” might actually be scared for her life. Or she’s just trying to be that anonymous teammate in a locker room so the church can’t tell her to not come back/cut her for her public comments. And Mike Leach locked a kid in a closet and got fired, so I can’t wait to see what happens to these daycare leaders.

“Mary is still furious. She said another parent filed a complaint with Missouri Child Protective Services. Blue Springs police confirmed they’re investigating it as a potential case of child abuse.
‘He’s well-behaved. He’s a rambunctious boy, don’t get me wrong,’ Mary said.
And he and his younger sibling are at another daycare now. Mary said her kid isn’t perfect, but he shouldn’t have been sent to what he calls ‘the dark room.’
‘We pay them a great deal of money to keep our children safe. It’s cruel because it secludes them from everyone. There’s no windows in this room. There’s no air ventilation in that room from what I can see,’ Mary said.”

And now I realize what’s going on. There was probably some drama going on in the church, so Mary and her gal pal decided to attack these daycare leaders to bring them down. And what better way is there to bring someone down than saying that they locked your kid in a dark room? Isn’t that right, Craig James? Plus, the whole stating that she knows her child is “rambunctious” is just her way of saying “yeah, I know he’s an asshole but so what? He’s a kid, let him live.”

“FOX4 spoke with Rich Steensma, the lead pastor at Timothy Lutheran church. He said the accusations are untrue, and that his church’s daycare doesn’t punish children in this manner, but he wouldn’t elaborate.
Mary said she detected something was wrong while dropping her son off at school each morning — and the little kid cried and screamed because he didn’t want to go. She advises other parents to stick up for your children the way she did.
Missouri Child Protective Services couldn’t speak directly with FOX 4 News about any possible complaints. The agency explained that all reports to their office are kept confidential.”

Well now you know it definitely didn’t happen. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for a preacher to lie, so egg on your face “Mary”. And oh, you detected something was wrong because your kid didn’t want to go to daycare? He screamed and cried? NO SHIT. No kid wants to go to daycare or school. One time in third grade I made myself throw up in the car rider line so I wouldn’t have to go to school. Congrats Mary, you just let a little shithead kid play you as an idiot. Your punishment should be having to stay at home and watch him for the rest of your life. You made your bed, now lay in it. And shoutout to these kids for coming up with this story, which is what I’m guessing what happened since they never said that there was any real proof of the dark room existing. These kids did their research, and they found out what could work. And good job by them for finding the one parent, Mary, that would actually attack this matter and try to bring the church down. These kids will rule the world one day.


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