James Harden Wins NBA MVP, Does Anyone Really Care?

Last night James Harden won the NBA MVP award.  But, does anyone really care? Yes, he had a great season averaging 30 something a game and shooting almost 45% from the field yes, great season James.  But, its June 26…The Warriors once again won the championship, Kevin Durant is now known as the face of the NBA and all that anyone is worried about now is where Lebron is going to play next season.  So Harden, I am sorry but no one gives a damn about you taking home the trophy, you didn’t even make the championship.  Social media wise the only thing I’ve scene more than your ugly bearded face is Bill Russell’s 7 foot long finger, and Ben Simmons fake rookie self taking home the ROY trophy.  Congrats to you James Harden but like I said, your trophy doesn’t mean anything.


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