When Will Tebow Make His Debut?

The New York Mets have struggled mightily this season, and they currently have the same amount of wins as the Miami Marlins. The only thing that’s keeping them out of last place in the NL East is that the Marlins have three more losses.  The Mets’ season has been destroyed due mostly to injuries and a lack of talent. The fanbase has lost interest in them for the season, since there’s not much to cheer for other than Jacob DeGrom. So, maybe it’s Tebow Time.

Tebow’s hitting .256 for the season in Double A, but is currently hitting .320 for the month of June. He thanks his improved discipline at the plate for his increase in average.

We all know that Tebow probably wouldn’t do much of anything at the Major League level, but does that really matter??? If you’re the Mets, you’re just trying to generate some kind of buzz so you can stay relevant in New York City. Plus, Tebow Mania might make you an extra buck or two, and we all know that’s what Fred Wilpon really cares about. Actually, that’s probably all that Wilpon even thinks about. Well, I’m sure he also thinks of different ways he could maybe murder Bernie Mahdoff, but that’s beside the point.

Bring Tebow up and let the media/fans go crazy. Tim would probably be the only guy in MLB history to hit .125 and get away with it just because he’d be a fan favorite.


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