Now We Know Why LiAngelo Ball Wasn’t Drafted

Many were surprised when LiAngelo wasn’t even invited to play for anyone’s summer league team (Lakers), and some teams tried to say that an invite wasn’t extended because of non-basketball issues, which I’m guessing means they don’t want to deal with LaVar because surely to God stealing a pair of sunglasses in China doesn’t have that much of an impact on someone’s life. But now we know that these teams were just being nice, and they were trying to avoid hurting Gelo’s feelings by coming out and saying just how truly awful he is.

In the video, you’ll see Gelo hit maybe three or four threes in his workout. Absolutely horrendous video, brick after brick, and then he ends it with a nice attempt off the side of a backboard. We all knew that Gelo was the least talented of the Ball family, and now it’s unsure of what his next move will be with his career. Gelo could go back and play overseas, or maybe join LaVar’s league (JBA). But if I’m LiAngelo, I’m enrolling in the closest community college to start working towards a degree of some sort because being a professional basketball player and retiring with some decent amount of wealth while still being relatively young just isn’t in the cards for him. Or maybe he can takeover the reigns of being in the rapper in the family. Lonzo’s a decent rapper, but maybe LaVar can set his boys down and explain to Lonzo that he needs to fix his shot before the Lakers trade him, so that means he needs to step away from rapping to focus on basketball while his LiAngelo gives it a shot. Might be his only shot to make it big and not just be Lonzo’s younger brother or LaMelo’s older brother.




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