Argentines Tried to Smuggle Cocaine in Replica World Cup Trophies

“BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Some Argentines are taking advantage of World Cup fervor.
The security minister of Buenos Aires province said Friday that police have broken up an organization that trafficked marijuana and cocaine in fake World Cup trophies.
The so-called “Narcos de la Copa” took advantage of the global merchandising boom generated by the soccer tournament to move the drug without raising suspicions.
“These merchants of death have endless ingenuity, but don’t be fooled. They shouldn’t be admired. On the contrary… they are now in jail,” said minister Cristian Ritondo, according to a statement.
Officials said 20 kilos of marijuana, 10 kilos of cocaine, 1,800 doses of crack-cocaine known as “paco,” and 400,000 Argentine pesos ($14,819) were seized.
Four men and two women were arrested in the operation.”

You can’t not respect the hustle. The entire world is going crazy over the World Cup, so some Argentines/Argentinians are just trying to get in on the wealth too. Besides, it’s just some weed, some coke, and some crack to go with $15000 in straight cash. That’s a normal Wednesday morning for some of us here in the states, but it sucks that these folks are being arrested for it. Keep grinding you crazy Argentines, everything will work out just fine.


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