Reds Trade Posibilities

So the Reds have many trade options and need to trade a few guys and I’m going to share ones I like and ones that I don’t like. Honestly they could trade the whole team and I wouldn’t care at this point.

Reds and Mets

Here we go again trading with the Mets. This is one I don’t like and didn’t really give the Reds anything to be happy about other than Steven Matz. The idea was the Mets get Joey Votto and half his contract, and the Reds get Peter Alonso, Justin Dunn, Steven Matz, Brandon Nimmo, and Andres Gimeniz. Then again I got to thinking, we can’t trade Votto.

Reds and Red Sox

Now this one I like. Reds give up Billy Hamilton in exchange for Jackie Bradley Jr. and Blake Swihart. Losing Billy sucks but I think Bradley Jr would play really well in Cincy and he also has one of the strongest arms in the league. Swihart has the yips and I don’t really care for him but it’s whatever.

Reds and Indians 

Cleveland is in dire need of a bullpen and from this possibility, they are going to empty out ours. The proposal is Amir Garrett and Raisel Iglesias for Francisco Mejia and Shane Beiber. I don’t like this at all just because Iglesias is one of the best right handers in the league and Amir is a starter IMO and is underused and deserves more than what he gets.

The Reds need to figure out what they are going to do with Scooter, they need to trade Matt Harvey and Adam Duvall for something good in return. Not like a classic Reds trade where the other team benefits more than us. Bench Peraza and bring up Senzel and get going.


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