The 2018 NBA Draft is here, and I’ll be live blogging interesting picks, worst suits, and just other funny shit. To start off the night, let’s show off Woj being an asshole and tweeting out the first 6 picks. Thanks for making it uninteresting.

Notice that there’s no team listed at the 4th pick, so maybe there’s an interesting trade that we don’t know about. Anyways, I’ll be back in a little bit. Thanks for following along.

Draft hasn’t started yet, but Luka Doncic can’t speak English for shit. Hope it gets better for him. Woj is so annoying too. It’s almost like he’s on Zuckerberg level of robot.

Deandre Ayton goes first overall to Phoenix. The Suns are now only a serviceable point guard away from starting to make some noise in the West. And are we gonna check into Jay Bilas fixing the line of him saying wingspan at least five times? Sounds like maybe he put some money on it so he’s fixing it. If you’re gonna ban Pete Rose from baseball then Jay Bilas should be banned from basketball. That simple.

And now we have a trade. Atlanta took Luka Doncic third overall, and plan to trade him to Dallas for Trae Young when he’s taken 5th, and Atlanta also gets a future first round pick from Dallas as well. This makes sense I guess for Dallas. Get a potential future star from Europe and let him be mentored by other European star Dirk.

trae young

The Mavericks take Trae Young officially making their trade with Atlanta official. And this is the worst suit of the draft, no doubt. Thanks a lot, Lebron. You helped start one of the worst fashion trends of all-time.

LaVar Ball sighting for the One and Done T-shirt commercials. Thank God. I’ve been missing him lately.

The Cavs select Alabama PG Collin Sexton, who I believe is the best PG in the draft. Will this be a step in the right direction to get Lebron to re-sign? Who knows, but apparently we’ll find out by June 29th. Collin didn’t give that great of a pitch to get Lebron to comeback. Maybe an in person meeting will help.

New York takes Kevin Knox, who has the potential to be a prolific scorer in the league. Plus the kid who gave Porzingis the thumbs down after being drafted hates the pick, so now it’s guaranteed that Knox becomes an NBA All-Star (I stole this from ESPN)

With the first move in the post Bryan Colangelo era, the 76ers take Mikal Bridges from down the road Villanova. Can’t really fault this pick. I don’t believe Bridges will be an All-Star but he’ll be a solid piece for the 76ers as they try to become the Kings of the Eastern Conference.

MJ’s Hornets take Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PG from Kentucky. Are the Hornets looking to trade Kemba (to the Cavs) and make SGA their guy of the future? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Nope! Never mind, SGA just got traded to the Clippers. LA traded the 12th pick, the one I think was Detroit’s, and two 2nd round picks. So much for my Kemba trade prediction.

Michael Porter Jr finally goes off the board with the last pick of the lottery. Many question the durability of his back, but I believe he’ll be fine. If MPJ can play this upcoming year, he has the chance to go off and win Rookie of the Year. But if he goes out and just breaks that fuckin back again, then Denver would have ultimately wasted a pick where they could have maybe taken someone that could finally help them get into the playoffs.

So the Suns just traded a 2021 first round pick that belongs to Miami to the 76ers for Mikal Bridges. The 76ers also get Zhaire Smith. So basically, Bridges for Smith straight up because the 2021 Draft will probably never even happen. The world will probably end by then. Just saying.

This guy just went 16th to Milwaukee

DiVencenzo has a strap that some have been comparing to Klay Thompson. He can shoot, but he’s nowhere near Klay’s level. Dante’s athleticism is what will help carry his NBA career.

Lonnie Walker in San Antonio. With the Spurs and Pop’s player development skills, Walker has the chance to become an All-Star in the league. He’s a freak athlete and will develop the ability to score at will. Lonnie Walker is the future of the San Antonio franchise, and he’ll be able to keep the train rolling for the Spurs when it’s his time to take over.

Grayson Allen off the board as Utah takes him 21st overall. And let’s talk about how this guy is sitting in the stands. Does that mean he wasn’t invited but still felt obligated to show up? Alright buddy. Not sure how Allen’s career is going to workout. He’ll definitely be a role player off the bench. Maybe things will workout for him and he’ll have a decent career.

Aaron Holiday is finally taken and now the green room is closed. Holiday was undoubtedly the most underrated player in the draft, and now he’s put in a position where there’s not too much pressure on him as he’ll probably start out as the backup behind Darren Collinson, but he’ll undoubtedly be a solid piece for the Pacers moving forward and will develop into their point guard of the future.

Moritz Wagner (I like to call him The Red Baron) is taken 25th by the Lakers. Wagner can hit the mid-range shot, and he can also score from the post. He’s not too great of an athlete, but he plays with a lot of emotion and when he’s hot he’s hard to stop. I had to talk about Mo, of course #GoBlue



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