Hunter Strickland Out 6-8 Weeks After Punching a Wall

Giants closer Hunter Strickland reportedly punched a wall out of frustration and broke his hand, which will cause him to miss 6-8 weeks. Sam Dyson is reportedly going to handle the responsibility of closing games while Strickland is out. I haven’t seen Sam Dyson pitch since…

And are we really surprised that Strickland punched something out of frustration? No. I’m just surprised that it wasn’t Bryce Harper again.

The ability to go from baseball announcers to boxing announcers has always mesmerized me.

So, back to the point. Strickland’s out with a broke hand. You know who had a “pretty much broke hand”? Lebron!! And guess what Hunter, he continued to play while leading his team to getting swept by your Bay Area Warriors.


Maybe baseball players could learn a thing or two about toughness from this guy. Here’s another video. Watch it.


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