Hornets and Nets Agree on Dwight Howard and Timofey Mozgov Trade


So Dwight Howard finally goes to Brooklyn, it’s just 6 years too late. And this deal is basically the Nets just ripping off the Hornets. Oh well, not their fault Charlotte agreed to it.

The Nets get a year of Dwight Howard, and they surely to God aren’t going to re-sign him. And  if they do, then it definitely won’t be for $24mil. Or they could just buy Dwight out. The Hornets have to take on the Mozgov contract for a couple of years, and I’m not too sure about what they see in Mozgov. Charlotte does get two future second-round picks, but second-round picks hardly ever play so congrats on that. They also get some cash, so maybe MJ can ride up to Atlantic City and play a couple of hands of blackjack with that.

The first move of the NBA Off-Season has officially happened, and I’m not sure anyone really cares.


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