Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports App Latest Update Takes a Shot at JR Smith

yahoo sports app

The JR Smith piling on continues. First he loses the Cavs game 1 of the NBA Finals. Then they get swept. Then the NBA auctions off his Game 1 jersey to try to make some money off of his screw up. And now Yahoo’s coming after him.

JR, you’ll never be able to live this down until you screw up again and I hope you know that. And guess what, you don’t really do too much in the off-season to talk about unless you’re drinking Hennessy shirtless at a Championship Parade (and you all got swept so you can’t have a parade). So that means you’re gonna have to go an entire off-season and then a couple of regular season games before you do something ridiculous. Will it completely erase everyone’s memory of your blunder? No. But one day, people will stop thinking about it as much.

Good luck, JR. Hope everything eventually blows over for you. Well, not really. I don’t care.


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