UNCW Fires Pitching Coach After They Learn About the D.O.D

“Yahoo Sports-Two days ago, reports came out of UNC-Wilimington baseball firing pitching coach Matt Williams, and details were sparse.
All the school had to say was a statement from athletic director Jimmy Bass, who said “The university has decided to go in a new direction with the pitching coach for our baseball program. We wish Matt the very best.”
Well, some clarity came Friday in the form of an in-depth report from Wilmington’s Star-News and they are truly bonkers. The “new direction” the school has opted to take is reportedly one away from using trainers who advocates for a motivational tool called the Dick of Death.
Per the Star-News’ report, Williams fell into hot water after the university learned of the team’s hiring of trainer Brian Cain, whose YouTube channel shows him using eating fire and breaking boards with one’s forehead as motivation tools. Cain’s website claims experience with plenty of power programs, like UNC, Notre Dame and Texas A&M, as well as the Washington Nationals organization. However, what set UNCW’s experience apart was one Skype session set up by Williams that got inappropriate pretty fast.
During the presentation, players say, Cain brandished a dildo, calling it the Dick of Death. The metaphor was that the pitchers should think of themselves as the bigger men on the field, capable of overpowering the batter they were facing. Cain encouraged the pitchers to create their own Dick of Death to serve as a reminder and motivational tool. Without the knowledge of the coaching staff, a group of players did just that.
At some point, the prop made its way from the Fisher Field House to the dugout at Brooks Field. A photo of the Dick of Death being held by a player during the 2017 CAA Tournament game against William & Mary was available on the school’s website as of Friday.”

Matt Williams Accolades: Produced 3 CAA Pitchers of the Year. Produced 6 Draft Picks.

What else do you want from the guy??? And what was so wrong with Brian Cain’s pump up speech? I agree with him 100%.

Sure, it was a weird delivery and a weird way to get your message through to the group you’re presenting to. But you don’t want a pitcher walking around on the mound with his tail tucked between his legs. You want him walking around out there with that HUUUUUGE Dick of Death dangling. You want him staring the other batter in the eye, knowing that he’s better than them. You want him knowing he’s the Alpha Male, and thanks to that confidence he’s going to surely strike ’em out and sit ’em down because he’s the man and no one can fuck with him. And what happens when your pitcher performs like this? YOU WIN. That’s all that matters, especially at the Division 1 Level of College Baseball.

Some of Williams’ former pitchers spoke out on the situation on Twitter, and it’s clear that the guy was a good coach that always took care of his players. #FREECOACHWILLIAMS


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