Todd Haley says the Browns QB Room is “The Best He’s Ever Been Around”

“Patrick Maks-Brown Staff Writer-Todd Haley has been around some of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. The new Browns offensive coordinator has worked with Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh and Kurt Warner in Arizona.
So it was noteworthy when Haley, who joined head coach Hue Jackson’s staff after six seasons as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator said Cleveland’s group of signal callers — which includes starter Tyrod Taylor, No. 1 overall pick rookie Baker Mayfield and veteran Drew Stanton — is among the finest he’s been around.

“This is probably one of the best – if not the best – quarterbacks rooms, in general, that I’ve had,” Haley said Thursday as the Browns wrapped up offseason workouts.

“The group, in general, is what I’m excited about. I think that it’s an intelligent, intelligent group, with ability to throw the football and make plays with their legs, some of them. When you have that, I think that good things happen. Competition is created in the room, even though they’re working hard together to help each other and get better as a group.”

Todd Haley is one crazy dude, but this might be the most craziest thing he’s ever said/done. The article itself says that he coached Ben Roethlisberger (two Super Bowls, future Hall of Famer, my arch nemesis) and Kurt Warner (Super Bowl Winner and Hall of Famer), but yet this Quarterback room is his best he’s ever been around?

A QB Room of Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield is better than coaching Kurt Warner and Big Fat Ben? And yes, I know I left Drew Stanton off the Browns QB room. Did it really matter if I included him?

Sure Tyrod Taylor is a solid NFL Starter. I mean, he just led the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in what seemed like almost forever. Sure Baker Mayfield was the #1 Pick of the Draft, and he has the potential to be a Hall of Fame Quarterback like Big Ben and Kurt Warner, but he’s nowhere near the level of those two yet.

This is just Todd Haley trying to throw some shots at Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers organization. He didn’t want to make it seem so direct though, so he had to throw Kurt in there too.

Todd Haley is an OK coach, but the Steelers will probably be alright without him and it kills him to know that.


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