Softball Dads Breakout in a Free-for-All Brawl

A full on backyard brawl between softball dads reminds me of the great Randy Marsh vs Batdad fight in the Colorado Little League State Championship.

But this fight is absolutely magical. Dad’s from each side coming in throwing punches, taking each other to the ground, kicking whoever they see in the pile. Absolutely magical. Then you have the moms throwing shit in there thinking that it would actually help stop the fight. Sorry honey, but no. This one’s between the men. Oh and then the poor daughters that just want to have a good time playing softball with their friends are trying to run in there and break it up. Well, they’re honestly lucky one of the opposing dads didn’t try to take them out and injure them (competitive advantage) in the middle of that mosh pit.

Honestly, the only way to settle this fight is for the dad’s to play a nice little game of softball themselves. Your boys vs their boys. May the best dad win.


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