Lane Kiffin Does it Again, FAU Reduces Concession Prices ($4 Beers)

Lane Kiffin the evil genius has reduced the prices of concessions at FAU Football games (you can’t tell me otherwise, I know he’s directly responsible for it. No one else)

The average NFL Hot Dog is $5.19 while a small draft beer is $7.38. I know FAU isn’t quite NFL level of football, but I can’t help but imagine that their beer was rather pricy as well. Pricy beer means probably a lower amount of attendance from some of the college kids. I’m sure that FAU’s students attendance wasn’t as high as it should have been last season, and it’s probably because they would rather stay in the parking lot and party while they continue drinking. Now that the beer price has been lowered, this will inspire kids to at least show up for some of the game, right? Bring in $20, you get 5 beers. Still not great prices, but it’s a step towards the right direction.

I would for sure be down to get a couple of $4 beers while watching The Godfather of FAU Football dominate C-USA. Hell, Lane Kiffin probably lobbied for this price reduction so it wouldn’t be so frowned upon if he cracked a few cold ones during the game. The perfect excuse would be “Well hell, they were only $4!”

And someone please let me know who won this cut out. I’m willing to pay good money for it.


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