I Wish the Wrong Number Would Text Me


Talk about being absolutely lucky. It’d be nice if someone from the Bengals or the Reds accidentally texted me and I got hooked up with a Joey Votto or AJ Green signed jersey. Or maybe if Coach Harbaugh accidentally texted me to schedule an overnight visit (he stays the night at the recruits houses when he goes on an in-home visit)

Me and Coach Harbaugh could play NCAA 14 all night, or we could watch The Office. Maybe go over some new downfield concepts to help him attack coverages he’ll be facing this season. Accidentally form the best ever friendship of all-time, all because he accidentally tried to recruit me.

But yet, here I am with 0 luck, unlike this kid. It may appear that I’m jealous, and that’s because I am. I deserve this way more than that guy.

My life continues to suck and it’s all because of sports.


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