Greeter at Meijer Beats the Shit Out of Shopper

“Moken Patch-MOKENA, IL – A man who was walking out of the Meijer store on Lincoln Highway in Mokena Thursday night after finishing his grocery shopping was attacked by an employee, according to police. That employee, 40-year-old Zachary Monahan of New Lenox, was working as the store greeter at the time.
Monahan was arrested and charged with battery after the incident. Mokena Police Chief Steve Vaccaro says Monahan is accused of punching the customer, a 35-year-old man, in the head a few times as the victim was on his way out of the store.
Monahan “believed he recognized” the victim as someone who previously battered him in an incident that occurred two years ago in New Lenox, Vaccaro said. In that incident, Monahan was slashed several times in a knife attack by someone described as a white man in a pony tail in an apparent case of road rage. Other than the reported incident from two years ago, Thursday’s physical attack was unprovoked, according to Vaccaro. Monahan was arrested on scene at the Meijer and has since posted bond.”


I’m not even mad at this greeter. If you saw a guy that stabbed you two years ago, wouldn’t you try to get a couple of shots in? An eye for an eye, you stab me I whoop that ass. Simple as that.

But then there’s also the possibility that this guy knew that it wasn’t his assaulter, but he was just instead pissed off because he saw someone that looked like his assaulter. Maybe it just brought back a lot of painful memories, so he just decided to lash out at his assaulter’s doppelganger. I can’t really blame him for that either. If you had a bunch of painful and bad memories brought up, wouldn’t you lash out at the guy that caused those memories? And if you couldn’t injure the guy that caused those painful times, wouldn’t you want to do it to someone that at least looks like him? Just saying.

But then there’s also the possibility that this guy was just tired of working at Meijer. Maybe his manager pissed him off or something, and he just snapped and decided to whoop someone’s ass so he can release his anger while also getting rid of his job that he hates. I can’t really fault him for that either.

I feel like these are legitimate reasons to beat someone up whenever they’re leaving Meijer, and I’m going to go ahead and say that I would do the same exact thing if I was in that greeter’s shoes.


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