Billionaire Investor Sprays Home with Fart Scent, put Dead Fish in Air Vents, and Filled Drawers with Human Hair Balls After Divorce

“Daily Mail- A billionaire investor is being accused of resorting to some very juvenile tactics after being forced to hand his wife the keys to their $20 million marital home following their divorce.
The Blast has obtained a deceleration filed by Sue Gross in which she describes the state of the Laguna Beach home she previously shared with her ex-husband Bill Gross when she moved in after the couple’s divorce settlement had been finalized by a judge.
Gross claims that her ex sprayed noxious scents around the home and even crammed dead fish in its air vents, making her life ‘an unmitigated nightmare’ for the past few months.
Gross submitted the declaration in hopes of obtaining a restraining order against her ex, which was later granted by the court.
She says that her ex, who formerly worked at PIMCO and is now at Janus, is a ‘cruel, vengeful and vindictive man with practically limitless financial resources.’
‘When I was finally able to obtain access to this house, I was disgusted to see that Bill had left it in a state of utter chaos and disrepair,’ reads the declaration.
‘I found empty spray bottles of “puke” smell and “fart” smell in the garbage; the houseplants smelled foul and had to be replaced. The carpets were stained, and there was water damage throughout the house.'”

To start this whole thing off, just keep in mind that it says ACCUSED. There’s no guarantees that any of this actually happened. Innocent until proven guilty. But if this was somehow true, talk about an extreme level of hilarious pettiness. Who would think of dead fish in the air vents. And puke and fart spray bottles?? Are those spray bottles home made or were they ordered? This is just the ultimate “this woman ruined my life and I don’t give a fuck” move. I’m sure she could’ve probably filed some sort of assault charge, but I guess a restraining order will do.

It continues: ‘A one of a kind art installation piece had been dismantled and removed. The remote controls for the televisions, drapes and other technology were all missing.’
The declaration then claims that there were also some things left behind after Bill left the home.

If someone ever took my remotes then I might as well just go ahead and kill myself. I’m not smart enough to program a universal remote, and I much rather just go ahead and die instead of trying to learn how to program it.

“‘There were balls of human hair in the drawers,’ states Gross in her declaration.
‘I even found dead fish and dirt stuffed into the air vents.'”

I just have nothing to say about this. I’m starting to hate the guy and I’m ready to deem him guilty.

“‘This is incredibly stressful and upsetting, and it has caused me intense anxiety’ reads the declaration.  ‘I have even developed a persistent rash.'”

Ok, it’s not that serious. No need to develop a rash.

couple house

This is the $20million house that she just got from a divorce. I’d be pretty pissed off about it if I was the guy, but I don’t think I would put dead fish in the vents, spray the house with shit and puke spray, or leave hairballs in the drawers. I would undoubtedly steal the remotes to the TV, because that’s probably all my stupid brain would be able to come up with.

And if you’re the woman, why would you go ahead and file for restraining order??? Sue him first for all the issues and rashes he’s caused in your life. Damage his pockets some more. THEN file for the restraining order so he can’t come around. That’s basically out of  a “How To Divorce People the Right Way for Dummies” manual. Get as much as you can, and then vanish them for eternity.


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