Ace’s Picks of the Day Presented by ThriveFantasy: 6/19/2018

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  1. Jean Segura-SS Mariners-Total: .5 Hits (Over, 85 PTS)
    Segura has 22 hits in 16 games this month. That’s an average of 1.375 hits a game. The math here is telling you to take the over.
  2. Eric Thames-1B Brewers-Total: .5 HR (Under, 50 PTS)
    Since his return, Thames has hit two homeruns in 6 games. However, those two homeruns came in the same game on Sunday. Thames is averaging a homerun in every 9 at-bats, so the math says he still has another day of homerun abstinence to go.
  3. Bryce Harper-RF Nationals-Total: .5 Runs+RBIs (Over, 90 PTS)
    Bryce hasn’t homered in awhile, so expect him to go deep today and just go ahead and take care of getting an RBI and scoring a Run.
  4. Billy Hamilton-CF Reds-Total: .5 Steals (Under, 60 PTS)
    If Billy does get on base, then we’ve definitely lost this prop because he would definitely steal a base. But luckily, Billy can’t get on base so we probably have nothing to worry about.
  5. Yoan Moncada-2B White Sox-Total: .5 Hits (Under, 110 PTS)
    Moncada has been struggling lately and he’s only hitting .188 in June. I expect Moncada’s struggles to continue tonight against Clevinger.
  6. Justin Verlander-SP Houston Astros-Total: 7.5 K’s (Over, 85 PTS)
    Verlander has been averaging 8 K’s a start this season and he should be able to handle the Tampa lineup pretty easily.
  7. Chris Sale-SP Red Sox-Total: 8.5 K’s (Under, 120 PTS)
    Sale’s averaging 8.6 K’s a start, which is just barely over the total. He’s coming off a 9 strikeout start last time out against Tampa, but he faces a Twins lineup who is better. I believe Sale will be his dominant self tonight, but I don’t think he will reach 9 strikeouts again.
  8. Trevor Story-SS Rockies-Total: .5 HR (Under, 60 PTS)
    Story averages a homerun every 18 at bats, and he just homered Sunday. Math tells us to take the under.
  9. Adrian Beltre-3B Rangers-Total: 1.5 Hits+RBIs (Over, 120 PTS)
    Beltre has had multiple, multiple hit games this month. So why can’t he do it again?
  10. Andrew Benintendi-LF Red Sox-Total: 1.5 Hits+RBIs (Under, 80 PTS)
    Mookie Betts gives Benintendi a chance to drive in an RBI since it’s almost like Mookie NEVER gets out. But Benintendi is coming off a 3 hit game, so I don’t know if he can come out and perform again like he did on Sunday.

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