JR Smith’s Game 1 Jersey from the NBA Finals is Being Auctioned Off

Bleacher Report-JR Smith’s game-worn black jersey from Game 1 is available for public bidding on the NBA Auctions website. At 10:25 p.m. ET on Sunday, the current bid was a head-turning $1,520.”

The jersey that JR Smith wore when he committed one of the biggest fuck ups in NBA History is now available through a public auction. Check it out here on the official NBA Auction website.

The fact that the NBA is auctioning this off themselves is amazing. When I first read this headline, I expected it to be about how someone stole JR’s jersey like someone did Brady’s jersey, because they knew someone out there would pay good money for the article of clothing that JR Smith was wearing when he made maybe the worst play in league history after rebounding a missed lay up and dribbling out the clock in a tied game during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. But nope, the NBA realized themselves and now they’re just trying to capitalize on this man’s stupidity.

After JR’s mistake, the Cavs never recovered. The Warriors defeated them pretty easily in Game 2, and then KD took over Game 3 to give the Warriors a 3-0 lead. Cleveland basically gave up and let the Warriors walk all over them in Game 4. After Game 1, the Cavs knew there was no chance to win the series. If they were going to even have a chance, they needed to win at least one game in The Bay. But JR Smith was never able to make up for his blunder, and the Cavs were never able to regroup. Just adds onto the sad history of Cleveland sports.



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