Arkansas Fan Rushes the Field at Omaha and It’s the Worst Field Rush Ever

An Arkansas fan rushed the field during a rain delay, and it was absolutely miserable to watch. When you run onto the field, you’re supposed to do something cool. Like run out there and do a backflip, or interfere with the play. Or go streaking on the field. That at least makes it funny. But then you get a guy like this that just waste everyone’s time. Half-hearted effort running around out there. Doesn’t try to put a move on security. Just a complete waste of time.

So in honor of this poor effort of field rushing, let’s watch some of my favorites instead to make up for this video.

WHO DEY!!!!!!!!

Fake Referee comes out and then a fight starts. That’s awesome.

And this one doesn’t necessarily fit the guidelines of what we’re talking about, but I’m still gonna throw it in here.



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