All or Nothing: The Dallas Cowboys- Review from a Cowboys fan.

Yes I have finally came out as a Cowboys fan on this blog. It feels refreshing to finally let that out there, but I am a die hard fan. I was so hype when I heard Amazon was doing this and it didn’t disappoint. It followed the boys all 17 weeks (including the bye week) and showed in depth how the team functions on the field and in house. Here are my takeaways….


One thing that was obvious after watching this series is that one, Zeke is the rockstar in the organization and in the locker room. You can just tell it is a different atmosphere when he is present. The question of is he gonna be suspended this week or not thing really had an impact not only on Zeke personally, but with the whole team. I really enjoyed watching the interactions between Zeke and running back coach Gary Brown, who seem to have great chemistry together.


I have always gone back and forth with dez. Sometimes I wanna cuss him out and throw a beer at my tv because he is complaining on the sideline and acting like a big baby, and then others I fucking love him because he makes some crazy one handed catch. However they had to get rid of him and was a good decision to do so, and this series really solidified that statement. Dez and Derek Dooley (Wide Receiver Coach) had some great interactions during this show. You could really tell Dooley was the one coach that could kinda handle Dez’s antics and passion. I hope dez does land on his feet somewhere in the league but his best days might be behind him.

Jason Garrett

To say I’m not the biggest Garrett fan would be an understatement. From in game decision, how he always claps when we fuck up and the simple fact that he just looks like a robot. I did however gain a new respect for ole red after watching this. Say what you want about the guy but he sure knows how to keep a good moral in the locker room. His energy on the practice field and in the film room is really positive and energetic. You can tell he genuinely cares about each of the players in that locker room. This is going to be a huge year for Garrett where anything short of the playoffs could mean his job. I’m not sure if Jerry would actually pull the plug but in the eyes of cowboys fans he has to have success this year.

I think if the defense can stay healthy and stop getting suspended for PED’s, we should be right there for the NFC east. I expect Dak to have a big third year with a fully rested and ready to go Zeke, and a fresh new set of receivers with the addition of Tavon Austin and Allen Hurns.


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