Why It’s Important to Keep Up With Fantasy Football Year-Round

What’s up Loudmouth fam, just a short introduction here, my name is Jacob King and I’ll be covering mainly NFL and fantasy football. Unfortunately, I am a Colts fan so I don’t really have too much to look forward to this coming up NFL season, so I will be shifting my focus to fantasy football.

I’m a firm believer that in order to dominate your upcoming fantasy football league that it’s a necessity to keep up with new information pertaining to the NFL daily. Me personally, I listen to podcasts at least 2-3 times weekly, mainly the Fantasy Footballers (fantastic podcast btw) and also the Fantasy Pros (another great podcast). It keeps me up to date on new additions and things of that nature. I also plan on starting a podcast soon to try to keep everyone updated on NFL/fantasy football.

So with that being said, paying attention and keeping up with fantasy football and the NFL year round will only benefit you in the long run. If you play in any dynasty or keeper leagues in fantasy like me, you know how stressful the offseason can be, this current offseason I lost Carson Palmer due to retirement (not really complaining on that one), had Jordy Nelson move to the Raiders, Dez Bryant will be switching teams, Jimmy Graham to the Packers (which could be a plus). A lot of offseason moves for my team and there’s nothing i can really do LOL. So with keeping up to date with my players switching teams and trying to find replacements while it’s the offseason just gives me an advantage in the long run. Keeping up with individual player rankings, sleepers, bust candidates, and any coaching changes will also affect the way you play; just some examples. Also, if you are not in any dynasty or keeper leagues I highly suggest them, it will become your new obsession.


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