Lakers Ask Lonzo and Kuzma to Quit Going at Each Other’s Neck

Everyone has seen the two go back and forth on Social Media, just friendly jabs like all normal guys do with each other. Things escalated a bit after Lonzo released an apparent diss track towards Kuzma, which was done in good spirits. I guess. But the Lakers have reached out to both of them to nip the situation in the ass before it got too serious. It’s honestly a good call by the Lakers to do this as an organization before someone’s feelings got too hurt. The two agreed to tone it down, and to focus on improving their game so they can try to get the hopeless Lakers back into the playoffs, with or without Lebron and/or Paul George. I just can’t help but wonder how LaVar possibly feels about this situation.

If I’m LaVar, I’m releasing a diss track of my own aimed towards Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. I’m not sure what LaVar could exactly spit about, but I know that shit would be FIREEEEE. C’mon, LaVar. You know you want to speak your mind and defend Lonzo. Do it.


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