Kentucky Safety Marcus Walker is the Plug

“SBNation A Sea of Blue- It’s been three weeks since UK safety Marcus Walker was arrested on three drug charges, which quickly led to his dismissal from the program.
Now, more details are beginning to emerge from what transpired before Walker’s arrest, and they don’t look good.
According to SEC Country’s Joe Mussatto, Walker was found with nearly $100,000 when police searched his home during his arrest.
After a search, $70,312 was found in a bag by a closet and another $25,000 was found in a box in the top-floor bedroom of a townhome he shared.
The more than $95,000 in cash belonged to Walker, according to a property and evidence record obtained by SEC Country.
Walker was later arrested and charged with the possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking marijuana (more than 5 lbs, first offense) and trafficking a controlled substance (cocaine, >/= 4 grams, first offense).
He has since been released on bail following his arrest, but he’s no longer part of UK’s program after Mark Stoops made the decision to part ways with the troubled safety.
marcus walker

It sucks when you see a young kid with a lot of talent just basically throw away their life. But I mean was he really throwing away his life???? Because that’s a lot of money to have in cash. It almost makes me want to pursue the career of dealing of drugs. Plus, it’d be some great content to write about. I hope Walker learned a lot from his drug dealing days, because that’s probably the only career option he’ll have now.

I’ve seen some people talk about how “kids just want to be thugs because they think it’s cool” and shit like that, but I highly doubt a Division 1 football player has to deal drugs for people to think he’s cool. Probably a naturally swell gentleman to be around. He’s probably selling drugs because he needs MONEY, just like every other drug dealer.

Maybe there’s a reason why he needs money. Maybe he sends it back to his family to help pay rent. Maybe he’s got a sick relative or friend that needs money. Maybe he has a child of his own and needs money to help raise it. Who knows? There’s a ton of different reasons why people need money, and I don’t know Marcus Walker so I don’t know his reason. But listen to this…. How crazy would it be if a Billion Dollar Organization that made money off of free labor suddenly started paying their workers so situations like this could be avoided? I mean, that’s just preposterous, right?! Whatever. Free my man and someone help him out.



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