6’10” 12-Year Old Kid Dominates in Basketball (Duh)

This is ridiculous.

First off, these kids are 12-years old. Why are they playing on short goals???? What are these, like 8 feet? Back in my day, we started playing with regulation balls (haha) and goals by the time we were 10. Absolutely no later. I feel like having a giant 12-year old freak in the league would probably push the league to maybe follow the same regulations as normal basketball.

Secondly, why are you letting this kid play? Sure I know he’s only 12, it’s not his fault that he’s huge, and it’s not his fault they’re letting him play. But if I’m this kids parents I’m demanding that he starts playing with 15 and 16-year old kids. You know, against some players that have a lot more skill than him to make up for his freakish height. Why not go ahead and start pushing this kid to help make him better? What if he doesn’t grow anymore and never develops any type of skills, or learns how to jump, because he’s too busy destroying 5’0″ 12-year old punks? Let’s get this kid on a fast track to honing those skills so he can become the white Larry Bird.

And I really hope this kid never stops growing. I hope one day he’s like 8’10” playing on the 10 foot goals. And his basketball career is just this exact highlight film over and over and over. I’d pay good money to see that.


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