USA Basketball U18 Had a Tough One Last Night

THE United States of America took on Panama last night in the FIBA Americas U18 Championship Prelims, and they struggled despite having a 6-inch average height advantage.

USA came out hot, scoring 45 unanswered, including a 43-0 nothing 1st Quarter. After realizing that they were on the verge of a blowout, Panama woke up and started to play some ball. They finally got some offensive sets going just like how they practiced, and they were able to cut the lead to 70-8 going into the half.

Panama then came out hot again after the half, and they were able to put up 9 in the 3rd Quarter and 9 in the 4th. The United States was able to hang onto the large lead that they had built, and were able to advance on to play Puerto Rico. FINAL SCORE: Panama 26, USA 118.

It’s a shame what USA Basketball is becoming. I know that this is an U18 team, but could you imagine what would happen if the Dream Team got ahold of this Panama squad? Or hell, even the 2012 Olympic Team. I can’t help but imagine that they would’ve scored 50 in the first quarter. Probably wouldn’t let Panama score the entire game. Just really sucks to see that USA Basketball is on the decline!

I’m sure that USA’s next game against Puerto Rico is going to be a much tougher competition, and if the boys don’t come out ready to play they might be able to only win by 50, which might as well be a loss the way I look at it.

C’mon, guys. Don’t let us down back here in the home land.


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