The Defensive Coordinator was Surely Fired, Right?

Coach Bud Kilmer mysteriously went missing at halftime of the West Canaan Coyotes’ District Championship Game, but luckily former star quarterback Lance Harbor was able to step in and lead the Coyotes to victory. The Coyotes won the game at the last second thanks to a magical hook and ladder that was perfectly executed after Johnny Moxon’s pass was originally caught by Charlie Tweeder and then lateraled to good ol’ Billy Bob who was able to carry the entire opposing team into the endzone. It was another successful championship season for West Canaan, but I can’t get this one question out of my head. How was the defensive coordinator for the other team not fired?

If you’re on the other sideline and you see a play call coming in that looks like this:

lance harbor.gif

Then what the fuck do you think the other team could possibly be running? It’s the last play of the most important game in the entire season, and you as a coach completely choked and cost your team the ballgame. If I knew what a team was running every single play, then I know for a fact I’d be able to stop them, especially if it was the last play of the game when all the chips are on the table. Congrats sir, you severely ruined these senior’s lives. This was the last game of their high school career, and you ROYALLY fucked them over. You deserve to be fired. Actually, you deserve to never coach again. Dumbass.

Good luck to West Canaan in their playoff game next week.


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