LaVar Ball Hopes to Make Enough Money off of Big Baller Brand to buy NBA Team and Unite his Three Sons


Ahhhh, the mastermind known as LaVar Ball. Kings stay Kings, and this guy is truly a King. It seems like all he’s ever able to do is speak it into existence. He wants a million dollar shoe deal for Lonzo. It didn’t happen, so they made their own brand entirely on their own. Got their own shoes and their own line of merchandise. He wanted Lonzo to be a Laker. Magic Johnson took him #2 overall. He wanted his two younger sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo to be professional basketball players. LiAngelo got in some trouble, so he shipped the two off to Lithuania to become professional basketball players. He wants LiAngelo and LaMelo to play together right now. If the Lakers don’t trade LaMelo to get Lebron, then you have to imagine they take LiAngelo in the 2nd round, or maybe as an undrafted free agent. That’d be another W for the long line of LaVar Ball victories. And now he says this.

LaVar hopes to make so much money off of the Big Baller Brand and his JBA League that he’s able to purchase a NBA Team for himself, just so he can acquire all three of his sons. And LaVar being LaVar, you know he’d probably coach the team as well. Hell, maybe he’ll even suit up and just be the real life Jackie Moon. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. This family is truly the Kardashians of Basketball when it comes to their marketing ability, and LaVar is the Kris Jenner of the clan. With the way life’s gone so far for LaVar and the crew, expect an NBA team really soon. In the meantime, checkout Lonzo and Gelo’s new song, AND BUY SOME MERCH.


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