I Envy Your Success

The Yodeling Walmart Kid. I envy him. Nah, I HATE him. He’s never done anything wrong, especially to me. He’s just an 11-year old boy living out his dream of being a country music icon. All he had to do was go and yodel in the middle of Walmart, and his career took off. Maybe if I go and blog in the middle of a Walmart, I too can become famous. Here’s the original video if you have somehow never seen it before.

Ever since this moment this kid has been all over the place. Viral videos, viral tweets, music festivals. The dude was even at Coachella.

Oh, and now he even has a nice signature greeting to great his fans (you can tell they want him, you sick perverts)

So yeah like I said, good for you for getting to live out your dreams, Mason “Yodeling Kid” Ramsey. Maybe one day I’ll be able to sniff your levels of success. Then I won’t be stuck writing blogs about how jealous I am of an 11-year old boy at 8 AM.


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