The Difference Between a Childhood Friend and a Best Friend

A high school pitcher struck out one of his CHILDHOOD friends to send his team to the State Championship, and instead of celebrating with his teammates he went and consulted one of his childhood best friends after the kid struck out looking like a weenie (lost his team the game). Being childhood friends, you know the two probably had their fare share of wiffleball duels, and it’s a cool moment that they grew up and got to duel in an important moment in their baseball careers. Also a great example of sportsmanship by the pitcher, even though sportsmanship is stupid. But notice everyone is pointing out that this was the pitcher’s childhood friend and not his best friend, because of this is his best friend then the story is completely different.

If you strikeout your best friend to end the game, you have no choice but to probably chuck the glove at the loser while flipping him the bird, and he of course has to take the punishment because he’s the loser and you’re the winner. You verbally abuse him and let him know how big of a failure he is, and you completely tear him down as a man in front of his friends and family. And if he gets mad at you then it shows that he never was a real friend. You have bragging rights over him for the rest of your all’s lives, until he beats you at something. Something means anything, a breath holding competition, a game of Madden, absolutely anything. And when he finally gets his revenge, then he gets to publicly humiliate you just like you did him. Because that’s what being best friends is all about. Competition and public humiliation. Nothing better in the entire world.


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