Reds Should Give Latos Another Chance

Everyone’s seen the former Major Leaguer’s brawl in the Independent Leagues by now, and if you haven’t then go check it out.

Latos shows in this scouting report video that he still has the lower body/core strength to scoop a motherfucker and spinebuster them at anytime/anywhere. Has he been pitching all that well? No, he has a 5.14 ERA in an independent league. But guess what? No one has been pitching well for Cincinnati either, so why not give the guy another chance in the Queen City? Latos went 33-16 with a 3.31 ERA during his three seasons with Cincy, and I believe that the Reds and Latos are good for each other. The team will get some actual pitching/player with some fight in him, the fans will get to see a modern day Kenny Powers, and Latos will get the chance to get his career back on track. Why not pull the trigger here and give us what we want?

Oh, and checkout this great tweet/video.


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