Pistons Hire Dwane Casey

The Detroit Pistons have found their next head coach after signing Dwane Casey to a 5-year deal. Casey is the reigning NBA Coach of the Year, and was fired after being swept by Lebron. Casey helped turn the Raptors into one of the better teams in the East, but ultimately couldn’t get over the hump (Lebron) in the playoffs.

The Pistons have only made the playoffs once since the 2008-09 season (we were swept by Lebron that year), and that appearance came in 2015-16 (we were swept by Lebron that year, too) so this is basically a perfect couple since together we’ll be able to destroy Lebron and get our revenge, unless he realizes that we’re coming for him which causes him to go west.

Detroit has a solid core intact for the next couple of seasons with Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin locked up. We also have point guard Reggie Jackson returning from injury after missing most of the season, so that’s something else to look forward to. Unfortunately, we do not have a first pound pick in this upcoming draft unless we make a trade, so we have to rely on last year’s first round pick, Luke Kennard and not Donovan Mitchell who we could have taken, to drastically improve. If Kennard does improve, then expect him to start at SG while Reggie Bullock moves to SF (lol), unless Stanley Johnson is able to keep his job (lol).

I expect Casey to help lead Detroit back to the playoffs in his first season, I just don’t think we’ll be able to make it out of the first round. Which honestly, I’m ok with right now as long as we’re improving each season.


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