Calipari Offseason Report

And he may not even be done yet. We are still waiting to here where Reid Travis (big man from Stanford) will transfer to. Most believe it’s either going to be Villanova or Kentucky. If Cal were to land Travis, that would make the Cats two deep at each position with guys that can play. Sounds real familiar to 2015 to me and last time I checked that team was preeeeety damn good.

While it may be premature to say next years team will be as good as 2015, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. That season Calipari added KAT, Ulis, Booker and Lyles to a team that reached the final four the year before. I really do think this freshman class of Keldon Johnson, EJ Montgomery, Tyler Herro, and Ashton Hagans could be just as good. The addition of Montgomery and Hagans after the Kansas State loss might have just shifted the momentum in the recruiting game back to Cal. Also with Duke losing Jeff Capel aka “duffel bag man”.

Calipari has always had his best success with teams that had returning players along with some stud freshman. That has seemed to be the formula not only at Kentucky, but all over College Basketball. If PJ and Quade can provide the consistency and leadership on the court just like Terrance Jones and Doran Lamb did in 2012, Kentucky will be very dangerous.

Is it basketball season yet?


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