Rat Poison Isn’t Necessarily the WORST Thing You Could Use as a Pizza Topping

“The Fayetteville Observer- A former employee at Primo Pizza is accused of adding what officials believe is rat poison into shredded cheese, Fayetteville police said Wednesday.
None of it made it to customers, however, thanks to a quick-thinking manager. All the contaminated cheese was identified and collected before any of it was served.
Ricky Lee Adami, 59, of the 3100 block of Imperial Drive in Fayetteville, is charged with distributing food containing noxious or deletrious material.
On June 1, the unidentified restaurant manager was preparing a pizza when he saw an unknown substance that was mixed in with shredded cheese, a news release said. The manager immediately stopped what he was doing and reviewed surveillance footage to determine who had prepared the shredded cheese.
Adami was seen on the videotape adding an unidentified substance into the cheese-shredding machine and the manager immediately contacted police.
Adami’s bail was set at $100,000.”

rat poison

Wow, good job Mr. Manager. Your ability to pay attention to detail is amazing. I wouldn’t had paid that much attention to the shredded cheese, and I don’t really know what it looks like mixed with rat poison, but good job to you for knowing your shit.

If the rat poison pizza got out to the public, could it had done any harm? Maybe. Would’ve probably made you a little sick. Maybe cause some death, I really don’t know if rat poison can kill humans. Never tried it. I could only imagine that it would taste like shit, and would definitely harm the taste of the pizza.

But in all honesty, I think I much rather eat this rat poison pizza than pizza with pineapples on it. It would’ve been an absolutely catastrophic event if a pineapple pizza got out in the public, and I could definitely see that garbage killing some people. But heads up play by Mr. Manager to not allow those pineapple or rat poison pizzas to get out to the public. Thank you for your service, sir.


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