Julian Edelman Facing Four-Game Suspension

Reports are coming out that Edelman is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy. I highly doubt he was using anything THAT bad, and it was probably something that he didn’t even know was illegal because everyone does it. That’s just my guess, details will come out later. But this can’t be a good look for TB12.

If you watched the Tom vs Time shows, then you know that Edelman is a user of the TB12 method himself. But apparently, that TB12 method includes some illegal PED’s that’ll probably get half of the entire Patriot’s roster suspended. I’m kidding, I know this isn’t the case. But with Edelman failing the drug test and now being suspended, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodell launched his investigation on Tom Brady to figure out what exactly he’s putting in that special electrolytes drink.


You can see the HGH sparkling from here, get him Goodell!


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