Bears Show Terrible Golf Etiquette and Get Praised

“CBS Sports- Some incredible footage surfaced this week from Alaska, where three black bear cubs made their way out of the woods and onto a green at Moose Run Golf Course in Anchorage.
“I’ve never seen them playing around like that before,” Trevor Stefan, who posted the video to Facebook told the Anchorage Daily News. “It was pretty funny.”
The footage shows the cubs playing with the pin on the 7th hole at the course, even stealing the hold flag in the process of their invasion.”
Checkout the Facebook Video Here

This is just absolutely ridiculous. Knocking the flag out of the hole. Bending it back and letting it snap. Wrestling on the green?? And these three assholes get praised for it?!?!

Me and my buddy use a flag as a javelin and take our shirt off, and we get thrown out and suspended from the course. But these dudes just roll around everywhere like sloppy messes, and they become the heroes of Alaska.

It’s just a damn shame what this sport has become.


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