Ace’s Picks of the Day: 6/7/2018

Reds -108 vs Rockies

This is the first time the Reds have been favored in who knows how long, so if Vegas thinks we’re gonna win today then dammit I do too!! Mahle and Anderson faced off on May 27th, Mahle went 5 innings and gave up 4 runs while Anderson went 6 innings and gave up 3 runs. No Reds started has gone at least 6 innings since May 24th, and this is me praying that Mahle snaps that streak tonight. If I was you, I wouldn’t bet on this game. But I’m me, so I’m going to.

Twins -215 and -1.5 (-115) vs White Sox

Berrios first start of the year against the White Sox he went 7 scoreless innings and only gave up three runs. That was at Target Field. Berrios’ second start against the White Sox and he went 6 innings while giving up 4 runs and 2 Home Runs. That was at Guaranteed Rate Field. So judging off history, Berrios vs White Sox at Target Field=Good.

Red Sox -175 vs Tigers

Jalen Beeks is making his debut, and I honestly don’t know shit about him. What I do know though is that I absolutely love betting on the Red Sox. They never lose when I throw some dollars on them. And Matt Boyd isn’t having a bad year for the Tigers, but the Red Sox lineup just outguns them, overwhelmingly.

Astros -172 and -1.5 (-120) vs Rangers

If you go and checkout CMac’s last blog, you’ll know this is his matchup of the day with Cole vs Hamels. Two great pitchers but it all comes down to the Rangers lineup. The Rangers are only averaging two runs a game this month so far, and I don’t see their fortune changing since they’re having to face Gerrit Cole.


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